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At the mountains of Ribera Sacra, you can find our vineyards, some of them with a spectacular 85-degree slope next to the banks of the Sil river. We work only with native varieties. We base our production entirely on grapes from our vineyards, which benefits from the exceptional microclimate conditions for producing first-class Galician quality grapes. We also work with a wide range of grapes, either white varieties such as Godello, Treixadura, Albariño and Loureiro or red grapes like Mencía, Caíño, Sousón, Brancellao and Merenzao.
Our first aim is to prioritize quality over quantity, thereby creating a genuine wine that remarks the unique identity of this region.


Diversity is the key to our climate. Mountain viticulture is whimsical, and the slopes undulate in different orientations following the winding of the river, which causes a tremendous microclimatic richness. Thanks to the steepness of the slopes, it’s possible to find at the same point of the river two hillsides facing each other, with opposite orientations. Two different temperatures, two different climates. These two orientations vary along the river course, practically covering all the cardinal points—different orientations for other wine profiles.

vendimia en Riberia Sacra con Algueira


Along with the grape varieties, the main protagonists of our wines are the soils. Depending on the location, we will find different geological compositions. On the sunny and steep banks of Amandi slate and schist are the most predominant minerals, which bring tension and strength to the Mencía we cultivate there. On the Cortezada slopes, the soils are formed by quartz and gneiss, which provide more remarkable freshness and lightness to the white varieties we plant in these vineyards. These vines planted in each area will be soaked in the nuances that each terrain provides them, maintaining the essence of each terroir.

Bodega en Ribeira Sacra
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