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Ribeira Sacra vendimia en Adega Algueira


I planted my first vineyard, Carballo Cobo, in 1979. These forgotten vineyards,
with their stone structures shaped by the hands of men in the past,
form terraces along the banks of the Sil River. The unique and magical landscape,
reminiscent of our ancestors, captivates me.

Standing proudly on the steep slope, our vines defy the elements, growing on a slate cushion.
The challenging conditions they thrive in, produce grapes that are transformed into our first wine,
Algueira. This remarkable feat fills me with considerable emotion and motivates me to
continue planting and restoring old vineyards hidden by the forest..

In 2000, we made a bold decision. Despite the low yield from the spectacular plot, we chose to produce aged wines, a departure from the common practice of making young wines in the region.
This decision led to the creation of PIZARRA and CARRAVEL, wines that showcase the potential for ageing and producing long-lived wines in the area.


In the past, Doade was renowned for its robust reds and valued for its white wines. In the Carballo Cobo vineyard, we planted Godello, a variety that thrives in mineral-rich, sunny, and dry conditions. It produces complex musts ideal for creating a gastronomic white wine called CLIMBING.
Encouraged by this success, we focused on producing white wines and sought a new location with a cooler climate to plant white varieties. After cleaning and restoring the terraces, we acquired the abandoned Cortezada plot in Abeleda and planted three varieties: Godello for structure, Treixadura for freshness, and Albariño for acidity. This led to the creation of our CORTEZADA wine, a mineral, structured, and complex estate wine.
In this vineyard, we planted three different grape varieties with the goal of creating a complex wine: Godello (providing structure), Treixadura (adding freshness) and Albariño (contributing to acidity). After several years of hard work, our CORTEZADA wine was born. It is a mineral, structured, and complex estate wine that is intense and elegant.

Algueria en Ribeira Sacra al lado del rio Sil.


Algueira, Cortezada vineyard in Ribeira Sacra.
Bodega en Ribeira Sacra
Algueira logo en ribeira sacra


In an old vineyard, we discovered different grape varieties: Godello Tinto or Carnaz, which allowed us to produce a wine with minimal colour, silky, elegant, and unique. Despite being different from the typical wine of the region, we were captivated and decided to plant more of these grapes, leading to the birth of our MERENZAO (RISCO).

At the same vineyard, we found a late-ripening grape, Alicante Bouchet (Garnacha tintorera), previously marginalized due to its characteristics. After planting a small vineyard and conducting tests, we were captivated by the result, leading to the creation of our first ALVARELLO / BRANCELLAO (SERRADELO) in 2009. We continued to plant it each year at different altitudes and orientations.

We then acquired a mountain vineyard in La Abeleda, where we planted Sousón and Caíño varieties in 2ha of abandoned land with quartz, gneiss, and slate soil. The result was our first FINCAS, which allowed us to create CASTAGAIA (SOUSÓN) and AMARAL (CAÍÑO) once we achieved sufficient production.

We also created a white wine, ANADELIA, from the 2009 plantation of Godello and Treixadura as a tribute to my wife, Ana, for her unwavering support and assistance throughout the project.

Furthermore, we began acquiring ancient grape vineyards such as Mencía, Alicante Bouchet, Garnacha, and Jerez. After selecting Garnacha and vinifying it separately in wooden fudres, we were encouraged to plant more on slate soil, leading to the creation of our MADIALEVA and ROSALÍO rosé from the new planting.

Fernando Algueira

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