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Fincas wine made from Caiño and Sousón. Wine from Bodega Algueira. Spanish wine.


Grapes: Caiño y Sousón
Vintage: 2017
Soils: Slate
Orientation: South
Climate: Mediterranean microclimate
Elaboration: Crushed with the feet in wooden barrels 300L. Fermentation with the same 100% scratch without yeast inoculation. Devatting, pressing and completion of MLF and FAL in barrel.
Aging: 11 months in French oak
Vol: 13%

When discussing the Atlantic influence on specific Galician wines, it's essential to mention ALGUEIRA FINCAS. This wine is made using distinctly Atlantic grape varieties such as Caíño and Sousón. The grapes are stomped by foot, then undergo a 15-day maceration process and are aged for 12-15 months in chestnut and French oak barrels of 225 and 300 liters. ALGUEIRA FINCAS has a garnet red color with a noticeable violet rim of medium intensity. The wine features balsamic notes of menthol, red fruit, and orange rust. It also possesses a spicy character reminiscent of the Galician Atlantic forest, with hints of oak inflorescences and nettle. On the palate, the wine is very fresh and acidic, with a crisp, citrusy, and persistent tannin, providing a substantial finish.

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