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Fincas wine made from Caiño and Sousón. Wine from Bodega Algueira. Spanish wine.


Grapes: Caiño y Sousón
Vintage: 2017
Soils: Slate
Orientation: South
Climate: Mediterranean microclimate
Elaboration: Crushed with the feet in wooden barrels 300L. Fermentation with the same 100% scratch without yeast inoculation. Devatting, pressing and completion of MLF and FAL in barrel.
Aging: 11 months in French oak
Vol: 13%

If we talk about the Atlantic character of certain Galician wines, it is a must to talk about ALGUEIRA FINCAS. It is made with very Atlantic varieties such as Caíño and Sousón, with clusters on foot, macerations of 15 days and aging for 12-15 months in chestnut and French oak barrels of 225 and 300 liters. The wine has garnet red color with a marked violet rim of middle layer, with very balsamic notes of the menthol range, red fruit and orange rust. It is a spicy character reminiscent of the Galician Atlantic forest (oak inflorescences, nettle). On the palate it is a very fresh and acid wine, with a crispy, citric and persistent tannin has a very meaty finish.

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