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Algueira.Escalada. Vinos Blancos de Ribeira Sacra. Spanish white wine. Godello.


Grapes: Godello 100%
Vintage: 2022
Soils: Slate
Orientation: southwest
Climate: Mediterranean microclimate
Elaboration: Static debourbage and spontaneous fermentations in deposit. Then it goes to a used barrel (750 litres) of French oak, where it will only ferment with battonage, clarification, maturation in stainless steel and bottling.
Ageing: Aging in steel without lees for seven months and later in a bottle.
Vol: 13%

ESCALADA is a unique product made with high-quality raw materials. It is a chaotic product where the natural yeasts ferment without temperature control in casks made of chestnut and French oak. This process wraps the Godello in its lees with a soft battonage that only develops until the end of fermentation. The wine has a pale gold color and its movement in the glass indicates a full-bodied and dense mouthfeel. On the nose, the terroir gives way to aromas of lactic and orange blossom mixed with notes of fennel and pastry when opened. The wine has a dense mouthfeel with good acidity and persistence.

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