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Desde 1998

At Algueira, we are passionate about the finer things in life. Our vineyards are located in the stunning steep mountains of Ribeira Sacra, where we specialize in producing first-rate wines. You are welcome to visit us any time of the year and experience our wines for yourself. Schedule a wine-tasting tour to make the most of your visit, and we will be delighted to show you around.


In the heart of 
 Ribeira Sacra

Algueira is a family business that started in 1980 with Fernando and his wife, Ana. They began with a few vineyards, a small winery and a lot of work ahead of them. In 1998 they created the Algueira brand and built a new winery that could face the unique challenges they intended to take. Algueira has grown into an award-winning intentional winery through the years that helped put the Ribera Sacra on the map, both in the wine industry and in wine tourism in Galicia.

Visit us

Algueira offers many exciting activities you cannot miss out on. These include wine tastings in our winery, guided boat tours through our vineyards, and delicious traditional Galician cuisine in our restaurant. To make the most of your visit, we highly recommend our full-day package, which allows you to experience all these activities in a single day.

Heroic viticulture

Our vineyards are on terraces built on slopes with an inclination of up to 75 degrees, which creates a unique and challenging environment for grape cultivation. We cultivate various grape varieties using sustainable methods. 

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