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Renovation of our vineyards

Our vineyards are located in the mountains next to the river Sil. The Romans were the first people here to make wine and they built our vine terraces by hand. Under around 30 years Fernando Gonzalez has work to reconstruct the vineyards and plant new vines.

To renovate one small plot can take up to 7 years. All the renovations are made by the human hand because of the steepness of the mountains and the narrow paths. It’s almost impossible to work with any type of machinery.

Trough the years our vineyards need a lot of maintenance, not only the plant but also the terraces due to storms and heavy rains. This renovation also needs to be maid by hand. In the video, you can see three of our workers, Oscar, Ricardo, and Julio rebuilding the terraces in one of our vineyards Cortezada.


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