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A Wine Growing Future

It fills us with joy to be able to announce, after years of work and effort, the release of Futuro Viñador. A national association of wineries of which we are proudly apart, and we hope to bring new energy to the national wine scene.

A Wine Growing Future.

We together to improve and inspire

We are a group of winegrowers who work together to improve our viticulture, our cultural practices. We hope to inspire others to follow an honest viticulture path, rooted in their landscape and the people themselves.

Ours is a rather heterogeneous group of producers, ranging from the first generation personal projects to multi-generation family wineries which boast significant histories in their towns of origin, from cellars framed by tradition, to visionaries who have dared to contribute to change in their regions.

Alongside many other winegrowers from all over Spain, we take our place in a silent revolution that is helping to transform not only our wine culture but also the cultural practices and image of our country.

The foundations of this great change are the recovery of ancestral cultural practices, the vindication of our great historic vineyard, the wealth of our ancient varieties, and both the biodiversity and the diversity of the climates, landscapes and people of our country.

We believe in teamwork. We believe that by joining forces, we may take a greater step into the future, setting firm foundations, optimizing and sharing our knowledge and passion.

Our principles

We aim to develop our projects and contribute to an improvement in the territories and the country as a whole.

We endeavour to maintain our farms and family viticulture on a human scale and focused on making wines, which are true to their origin.

We wish to promote the research and dissemination of information, sharing knowledge, while respecting our traditions.

We insist on the preservation of biodiversity and landscape recovery and minimizing the environmental impact of our activities.

We aim to preserve the socio-cultural environment of our peoples and their inhabitants.

What do we do?

We are a non-profit association. We aim to be a group which provokes improvement and transformation. We endeavour to learn, inspire and inspire others to work better. We have set up working groups with the aim of together researching the different key issues of our projects. We share knowledge through various workshops, creative areas, talks, and in the future, we hope to have a unique voice and collaborate with institutions, and other organizations.


Initially, 16 producers from throughout the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands embarked upon this project. Our intention from 2021 on will be to invite new contributors gradually. We believe in organic and sustainable growth. Our vision will come to fruition if, within three generations, this project has brought together a large number of wine growers in our country.

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