Wine tastings with Algueira


. Everyday

· Hours: 13: 00-14.00

· Price: € 10 / person

It takes place in the winery's facilities and consists of a guided tour of the winery and then tasting of 3 wines from the winery in the Catas Lounge (a white, a red and a red wine). With explanations on viticulture, elaboration and on the Ribeira Sacra as a whole, with audiovisual support to illustrate the comments.




* Optional food in the restaurant of the "O Castelo" winery


.Todos los dias 

· Horario: 12:00-13.00

· Precio: 10€/person

Se realiza en las instalaciones de la bodega y consiste en una visita guiada por la misma y posterior degustación de 3 vinos de la bodega en el Salón de Catas (un blanco, un tinto y un tinto crianza). Con explicaciones sobre viticultura, elaboración y sobre la Ribeira Sacra en su conjunto, con apoyo audiovisual para ilustrar los comentarios.

*Optional comida en el restaurante de la bodega "O Castelo"


. Everyday
· Hours: 11.00-12.00
· Price: € 20 / person

In addition to the characteristics of the standard tasting, in this case the visit offers more technical and precise explanations about the processes and works in the vineyard and winery, with tastings of a minimum of 6 wines -white, young reds, crianzas and autochtonous varieties -. They are complemented with audiovisual support and facilities are visited.

* Optional food in the restaurant of the "O Castelo" winery


. Everyday

· Hours: 10.00-12.00

· Price: € 50 / person

In addition to the details of the semi-pro tasting, in this case a visit to the vineyards is made, with explanations "in situ" on viticulture as well as tastings in the winery of a greater number of references including minority autotone varieties




* Optional food in the restaurant of the "O Castelo" winery

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